Super Distributor

Hi Chip,

Thank you for taking the time to visit this web page we made just for you.  It will give you a clearer understanding of Super Distributor membership. The series of quick videos below will provide you all you need to know to consider our exclusive invitation.

All I ask is two things: 1) that you devote a little bit of your valuable time to watching these videos and 2) let me know if you are NOT interested in continuing the conversation – I don’t want to be a pest.  You can reach me at [email protected] or on my cell at (502) 551-2359.

Thank you,

Henry Camp

Owner | President
Shippers Solutions

This brief video shares our story. You see, as the owner of SSCo, I’ve lived…no, survived the same 3 pains I asked you about in the first video above. This episode explains that I got fed up with these persistent problems, how I fixed them permanently and without compromises. This video explains how our approach is not only better but safer for your distributorship.

Now it’s time to share our specific proposal with you.  This video starts with an explanation of what you stand to gain, year after year, followed by a clear description of how the Louisville Super Distributor partnership works and how it eliminates your operational hassles, so you finally have the time you need to really focus on selling and growing your business.  Take a look:

This last video is in two parts:

1. The first part is only 3 minutes long and it is the most important.  I explain how Super Distributor membership multiplies the value of your company by 5 TIMES over 5 years.

2. The rest of the video is a little financial explanation of how joining the Louisville Super Distributor club makes you more safe when the economy goes up and down (like due to the Coronavirus). 

If you’d like to enter your own figures and make your own assumptions, here is a spreadsheet to estimate your company’s financial benefits beyond the time and frustration being a member of the new Louisville Super Distributor saves. [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD]